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Welcome to Fryd Extracts Official Website, where we provide you with the most delicious and authentic flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Our latest addition to the Fryd family is the Pink Guava Gelato flavor – a burst of tropical sweetness that will transport you to an island paradise.

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to beat the heat than with a scoop of dried pink Guava Gelato? Made with real pink guava fruit and creamy gelato, our product combines the best of both worlds – refreshing fruitiness and indulgent creaminess. It’s the perfect treat for those hot summer days.

Where To Buy Fryd Pink Guava Gelato Online?

Look no further, because you can now purchase Fryd Pink Guava Gelato directly from our website. Simply add it to your cart and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Experience the convenience of online shopping – no need to leave your house, no long lines at the store.

Fryd Extracts

Fryd extracts is a new vape brand that broke into the scene at the beginning of 2023. We have quickly become one of the most sort after brands comparing with industry giants such as Jeeters. Fryd extracts is the first 2 gram disposable brand. They had being a lot of talks that a 2gram disposable wasn’t possible and we at fryd took it up as our mission. The main benefit of a 2 gram disposable is the smoke more for less ofcourse. The fryd pens team produced both the live resins and the liquid diamonds to ensure there was something for everyone to enjoy. There were 10 fryd disposable live resin flavors and 5 liquid diamond flavors. The fryd team at the end of 2022 then released two exclusive flavors that is the cactus jack live resin and the jolly rancher liquid diamond

5 reviews for Fryd Pink Guava Gelato

  1. frydextracts

    I was blown away by the smoothness and delicious taste of Fryd Pink Guava Gelato. It truly felt like a treat but without any harshness or discomfort. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality extract.

  2. frydextracts

    As someone who has tried numerous gelato extracts, I can confidently say that Fryd Pink Guava Gelato is top-notch in quality. The customer service and delivery were also exceptional. This will be my go-to choice from now on.

  3. frydextracts

    I was hesitant to spend a little more on Fryd Pink Guava Gelato, but it was worth every penny. The flavor, potency, and smoothness were all on point. Plus, the packaging was secure and discreet. A satisfied customer.

  4. frydextracts

    I consider myself a connoisseur of gelato extracts and Fryd Pink Guava Gelato blew me away. It’s by far the best gelato I’ve ever tried. The delivery was fast and the product arrived in perfect condition. Highly recommend.

  5. frydextracts

    I had never tried a gelato extract before but after hearing great things about Fryd Pink Guava Gelato, I decided to give it a try. No regrets at all! The taste and effects were fantastic, plus the delivery was safe and reliable.

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